Our Services

Since 2011, our organization has obtained a broad and steadily updated data collection of aspirants with info about their education, experience, and goals. We ensure recruitments via affluent Databanks, Ads, Foreign Placement Partners, PAN India sub-agents, and severe filtering procedures duly handled by expertise professionals.

To complete worldwide Requirements, Synergy Innovation has established Testing & Training Centers at New Delhi, Lucknow and Patna regions for the objective of supplying our clientele our trademark move of Quality, especially with White Collar Jobs. We also happily let our clients utilize our state of the art infrastructure as their second office apart from their own office which has been specifically established for the intention of hosting Overseas Placement Interactions.

Beyond our workforce solutions, we also supply numerous separate facilities with the target of assisting our clients and its workforce in the shape of HR Consulting, Payroll Management, and Training & Development, etc. to shorten dragging and maximizing profitability.

Temporary Staff Recruitment

Synergy Innovation is a one-key solution to all your short-term staffing requirements too. We have a special cell that deals in with end to end solutions in the temporary staffing space.

With a worldwide present conventional method of holding the permanent staff, temporary staffing is a fast emerging new trend as it supports improving concentration on core/ critical operations, can be easily configured to the seasonal kind of business, helps to combat business.

With companies present across the planet laying vital attention on their workforce management, temporary staffing is a fast emerging tendency because it supports and improves concentration on core / critical activities, can be adapted to the seasonal nature of the business, helps counter business insecurities and demand of scale up and scale down of business.

Service Offering :

  • Recruitment Support
  • Structured On-boarding
  • Associate Training
  • Payroll Management
  • Compliance
  • Customized Solutions

Value-Added Service :

  • Payroll Management Services
  • Compliance Management Services
  • Employee Assessment
  • Associate Skill Enhancement /Training
  • Resume Services
  • Interview Do’s & Don’ts